The Sink Cleaner You Keep in Your Pantry!

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We all know the struggles that come with sinks and faucets. Hard water build up, smudges, grime, and sometimes things you can’t even identify. The good news is that if you hadn’t already heard, you probably have the solution right in your pantry.

Vinegar. Vinegar is basically a solution of acetic acid in water, and is known for its use as a vegetable rinse and cooking additive. Because of it’s slightly acidic nature though, it’s also a very effective multipurpose cleaner, being able to polish stainless steel, clean glass, and break up mineral deposits from hard water. On top of all that, it’s also about 90% effective against mold and 99.9% effective against bacteria, making it a great all around cleaner and disinfectant. 

We, Skyline, use it exclusively for cleaning kitchen and bathroom sinks, stainless steel and metal faucets and household pieces, as well as for the occasional hard-water stained exterior window.

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