Commercial Construction Cleanup
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Given the significant time investment involved in any construction project, post construction cleanup must be thorough and driven by experts who demand results. New occupants have high expectations. Skyline’s professional staff, years of experience, exceptional efficiency, and proven methods will consistently meet those high expectations.
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Why Skyline


Reliable Service

We deliver consistent quality on every job by training and equipping the best team.


Excellent Communication

We focus on clear, concise, and frequent communication to keep your team up to speed.


Deadlines Met

We work with you to meet your deadlines, so that your project is on time and on budget.


“I wish to thank you for the efforts to make my company shine in the eyes of our tenants. We are committed to providing the best service possible. Your attention to detail and your continued efforts have helped us meet our goal year after year.”

Andrew Van Haren – The Gialamas Company

“We have always been so impressed with the cleaning that your crew does here at Shoutlet. There have been many nights where I have worked late, and your staff is always so courteous and mindful of people who are still working into the evening hours. .”

Rachel Allen – Executive Assistant

“We have trusted Skyline Services to clean our home for over five years. They are extremely detail oriented, professional, and place a high value on customer satisfaction. They are a pleasure to work with and keep our home looking great!”

Marta and Aris Gialamas – Residential Cleaning Customers

“Working with Skyline is one of the best things that has happened to me in a decade!”

Heather Irwin – Residential Cleaning Customer

“Skyline has been a fantastic company to work with. As a busy household with young children, the extra help is a necessity. The Skyline staff are professional, trustworthy, and consistent. And Linda, one of the owners, goes above and beyond to communicate with our family (in our preferred method- email!) to ensure we are all on the same page. I highly recommend Skyline for any busy family!”

Christina Spector – Residential Cleaning Customer

“I have used Skyline Services for ten years and frequently recommend them to my friends, colleagues, and clients. They are prompt, dependable, reasonable, and they do a great of cleaning. Best of all, their customer service is awesome!”

Jill Stiegler, Realtor – Residential Cleaning Customer

Your Local Construction Cleanup Service

Professional Cleaning Services That Create Peaceful, Healthy Environments For Middleton Area Businesses

Skyline Clean
Construction Cleanup Middleton , WI

Construction is a dirty, messy job. Once the construction phase is complete and the building is ready to be occupied, the last thing the new habitants want to do is tackle the dust that gets left behind. 

Construction cleanup has its own specific challenges and needs, and it takes an expert to do it right. As construction dust will settle on every surface, you need to make sure it will all be addressed and removed. At Skyline, we have the solutions for your post-construction cleaning. We make sure your new commercial building is clean, comfortable, and inviting.

We pay attention to the smallest details such as trim, light fixtures, and more. We also work closely with contractors to help ensure your deadlines are met. With our services, you’ll have your building clean on time and on budget. We are a bonded and insured professional construction cleaning company.

Construction Clean Up
Construction Clean Up
Construction Clean Up
Construction Clean Up
Construction Clean Up
Construction Clean Up
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Construction Clean Up
Construction Clean Up

The Skyline Approach



It all begins with a conversation. Whether we are cleaning your beloved home or your successful business, our first step is to listen and understand your unique situation.


Together we’ll craft a cleaning plan to fit your space, time, and budget. Bringing order and cleanliness to your work or home environment is our passion. The Skyline team loves a good challenge, and we meet it head on.



We know actions speak louder than words, and we are committed to excellence. From Skyline’s management team to our professional cleaning staff, we take pride in our work and delivering on our promises.



We achieve exceptional results by building trust, meeting schedules, and providing great service. For us, success is more than leaving behind a clean space; it means leaving behind delighted, long-term customers.

Professional Post Construction Cleanup Services

Post-Construction Cleanup Services Middleton , WI

  • Involve all kinds of special cleaning techniques and products to remove the dust that remains after the project. We start with a rough cleanup to remove paint overspray, adhesive, caulking, etcetera. Then, we perform a thorough washing to remove all the debris that is invisible to the naked eye to ensure your building is sparkling clean.

    Our cleanup services include:

    • Dusting air diffusers
    • Wiping down cabinets
    • Wiping interior glass and windows
    • Cleaning and dusting lights
    • Mopping hard floors
    • Cleaning and polishing restroom fixtures
    • Vacuuming carpets
    • Spot cleaning walls

Years in Business

Team Members Strong

Family Owned

Locally Operated

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We would love to hear about your upcoming cleaning project.  Contact us and we’ll work with you to create an effective cleaning plan based on your current needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone at Skyline agrees that speedy response time is important for maintaining happy customers. Our management team utilizes a variety of communication tools to stay in touch with you, including our customer portal, service email address, website contact form, text messages, and good old fashioned phone calls. In most cases, we will return your message immediately or within the space of two hours.


Yes. Our professional cleaning team is fully bonded and insured. Skyline Services, Inc. carries comprehensive liability coverage that exceeds industry standards. If you would like a copy of our certificate of insurance, please call our office (608) 836-8025 or email [email protected].


Once your cleaning plan is in place, we will establish benchmarks and standards for your commercial space, schedule supervisory visits to evaluate performance, seek your feedback, and strive for continuous process improvement. We are proud of the fact that our ratio of supervisors to team members is greater than other area cleaning companies, which guarantees better security and oversight for your business.


Skyline strongly encourages our customers to use paperless, electronic payments. For your convenience, invoices are sent by email and include a link for on-line payment through Intuit. We also have the ability to set your company up with monthly ACH withdraws through our bank if you would like.

Some customers chose to pay with their own on-line banking methods or send a check in the mail. If you would like more information about these payment options, please email [email protected] or call (608) 836-8025.

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