Exterior Window Cleaning with a Water Fed Pole System

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Even if you haven’t seen it in real life, you’ve certainly seen it in a movie: the platform precariously suspended off the edge of a building with an elaborate pulley system, the window washers trying to maintain their balance four stories above the ground. When you think of exterior window cleaning, perhaps this is the image that comes to mind. However, there are better methods of window cleaning.

Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole Technique

The safest, most current, and generally best way to do exterior window cleaning is to use a window-cleaning pole. The cleaning crew uses a very long, rigid rod that is capable of reaching as high as four or five stories. The windows are cleaned using reverse osmosis de-ionized (RO/DI) water, which is provided by a portable filtration system brought to the job site. This cleaning method has a number of advantages.

Firstly, it is incredibly safe, especially compared to solutions which involve suspending workers over the side of a five-story building. The entire job can be done from the ground, so you don’t have the safety hazard of people climbing around on the rooftop.

Additionally, when there’s no need for a swing lift or hanging equipment, the entire job can be completed more quickly and efficiently, with less setup time and less total labor. The pole-fed system also eliminates the need for ladders, which means there is even less equipment to transport and set up. The crew won’t be dragging ladders around outside, so there’s no fear of damage to garden beds, lawns, or other landscaping.

Perhaps most importantly, this cleaning method is 100% natural and eco-friendly. There is no need to use any chemicals whatsoever – the pole-fed cleaning equipment uses nothing but water! This “green” cleaning process is beneficial for gardens, pets, and lawns.

How Does Pure Water Window Cleaning Work?

But how can the windows really get cleaned using only water? The reverse osmosis de-ionized (RO/DI) water filtration system purifies the water to reduce its PPM (parts per million). Before being filtered, the water is normally around 300 PPM, but afterwards, it drops to less than 10 PPM. That’s more than a 96% drop.

The water purified by the RODI filter has a major deficit of minerals. Thus, when this water is sprayed onto a window, it attracts minerals, dust, and other contaminants from the window surface into the water. All the impurities on the window are washed away, and then the surface dries completely streak-free.

Water Fed Pole Equipment

Skyline uses a 65-foot carbon fiber pole made by Unger. It’s the best equipment currently available on the market, and the quality is well above industry standards. This pole is lightweight, making it easier for our window cleaning specialists to lift, transport, and use. Yet it’s also very rigid, even when extended to its full length, which provides precise control of the brush head when it is elevated 50 feet into the air. That means we can do window cleaning jobs accurately and efficiently.

The RO/DI pole can be equipped with various types of brushes specifically designated for particular types of glass. Depending on whether we are cleaning hydrophilic glass or hydrophobic glass, we can choose to use a brush with frayed ends, a horse-hair brush, or just a standard brush. The RO/DI wand is also capable of projecting a straight jet of water or a gentle mist, so we’re able to match our tools to the exact situation.

The RO/DI purification system requires some diligence to maintain properly, so a good cleaning company will ensure that the filters are always set up and maintained correctly. Depending on the area and the water source for a particular cleaning job, the water may be softer or harder or have different PPM than usual. Because of this, there are several unique types of filters which can be used, such as a carbon filter or sediment filter, and it is crucial to use the right one for the job.

At Skyline, we maintain all of our equipment with the utmost care so we can guarantee that it’s in perfect shape and ready for any window cleaning job. We’re proud to be using state-of-the-art, eco-friendly cleaning techniques. We feel that it’s important for us to provide the absolute best service available to each and every one of our customers and clients.

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