Skyline Charity Spotlight – Cleaning for a Reason

by | Feb 8, 2023

Cleaning for a Reason is an amazing charity that has been helping cancer patients since 2006, providing them with free professional cleaning services. The goal of this organization is to help lighten the load of cancer treatments by giving them one less thing to worry about – maintaining their home and their environment.


Each month Skyline House Cleaning offers 2 free house cleanings for cancer patients in the Madison Area through the charity “Cleaning for a Reason”.


The idea behind Cleaning for a Reason began when two women, Debbie Sardone and Kathy Harrison, decided to work together to provide free housecleaning services for those going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments. They wanted to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with these treatments and make life a little easier for those struggling with cancer. 


Today, Cleaning for a Reason is supported by over 1,200 partnering maid services in all 50 states throughout the United States and Canada. These companies offer free housecleaning services to patients undergoing cancer treatments by pledging their time and resources to make life just a little bit easier during this difficult time. 


The generous support of these companies allows Cleaning for a Reason to provide more than 32,000 cleanings each year not only within the United States but also in Canada as well. In addition, Cleaning for a Reason works with almost 8,000 volunteer cleaners who donate their time and resources so that no one in need of assistance goes without it. 


Cleaning for A Reason currently partners with over 200 organizations such as hospitals, clinics, and support groups so that they can bring their much-needed service directly into communities across North America. It is an incredible service to have available during times when it matters most; being able to enjoy a clean home can bring peace of mind and comfort when dealing with cancer treatments. 


If you know someone who could benefit from the amazing work of Cleaning for a Reason or if you are interested in becoming involved in any way either financially or through volunteering your time then consider contacting us at or learning more at! Together we can make a difference in someone’s life!
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