Easy Breezy Home Dusting Tips

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Easy Breezy Home Dusting Tips

Dust appears everywhere even though you maintain the areas of your house close, annoyingly dust finds the way to reach all the surfaces. Different types make dust particles such as mold spores, pollen, hair, fabric fibers, dirt, or airborne pollutants. As a homeowner, you should get rid of the dust on every surface to keep the quality of your house’s air. 

A house that continuously has a dust flow in the air will damage furniture, electronics, and appliances; it will also compromise people’s health, provoking allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems. It is essential to learn how to get rid of the dust and keep dust-free spaces in your home. Keep reading and find the best home dusting tips. 

Equipment and Techniques to DIY Dusting 

All the spaces and furniture surfaces of your house are different from each other. The dust can be located in every tiny space, meaning that the equipment and techniques will never be the same; reach out to some of the most common ones: 

  • Lint Rollers 

Lint rollers are a good option to clean flat surfaces, its lightweight allows you to bring them to you and clean your car seats and even your clothing, the only thing you have to do is roll it, and it will pull out the dust.

The lint rollers’ disadvantage is that it is annoying to cut and throw the paper every time it is full of dust. It can be dangerous if you’re allergic, so you will need to use gloves. Also, sometimes the shape does not allow it to get to some spaces, and the small size they normally possess makes it harder to clean larger spaces. 

  • General Microfiber Cloth & Swiffer Dusters 

A general-purpose microfiber cloth will help you get rid of dust. The benefit is that this type of microfiber does not move the dust from side to side; instead, the dust sticks to it and makes it easiest to remove the dust. You can also use a Swiffer duster, which does the same but has different shapes to get to different places. 

Unfortunately, cleaning with these tools can be tiring because it all goes by hand. After cleaning a surface, you have to shake it on the trash can, or you will have to wash them continuously to get better results unless you have more than one of those to clean all your house. 

  • Canned Air 

An air dust remover can help you remove the dust from your plants or tinny places in your windows. However, compressed air cans won’t be your ally in other places of your home. It can be difficult to manage where the dust falls, meaning you will have to put extra effort into covering other furniture. Also, when allergic to dust, this method can harm your breathing.

  • Backpack Vacuum with a brush attachment

You will have to invest in buying a backpack vacuum to remove the dust from returns, air vents, and ceiling fans. It is the best way to do so because you suck all the dust without making a mess in your house when vacuuming. However, consider that in the end, you have to get rid of all the dust you gathered to continue dusting; it can be nasty and dangerous. 

DIY Dusting Considerations 

Before deciding which is the best way to remove dust from your home, you should consider every method’s pros and cons. None of the previous dusting methods and tools serves all the places of your home, meaning that you will need to use all of them for better results to a complete home cleaning service. 

Nevertheless, there is always a solution to get rid of all your house dust, and you won’t have to move any finger or be exposed to dust that can harm your skin or your breathing. IAnd the best home dusting tips to hire a certified and professional home cleaning services company! 

Skyline Clean, The Best Way to Remove Dust From Home! 

We are a company dedicated to providing safe and healthy home environments. Our processes count on advanced tools and techniques to get rid of all the dust. Our goal is to understand every client’s needs and expectations, paying attention to details, and be efficient while performing our job. Do not stress or expose yourself to a high amount of dust; we got you! 


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