How Often Should I Clean My Carpets

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How Often Should I Clean My Carpets

Carpets are a great asset for your house’s appearance and comfort. However, those attract dust and moisture rapidly, meaning they need constant cleaning and maintenance to keep their well-looking color appearance and keep people safe from allergies. Also, cleaning them is necessary to prolong their duration and quality. 

It will depend on different factors how often you clean your carpets; those can be if you have pets, children, or if the carpets experience high foot traffic. Nevertheless, it is recommended to vacuum your carpets once per week and deep clean them three times per year. Remember that stains require instant attention and cleaning. Keep reading to figure out how to take care of your carpets. 

The Process Of Cleaning Your Carpets Once Per Week 

It can be boring, but you have to schedule an hour and a day to properly clean all your carpets in your house to keep their quality and get rid of all the dust, moisture, and particles that can stick to the carpets. You have to keep all the proper equipment in good condition and understand every procedure. 

The most necessary tools you will need are vacuums, microfiber cloth, buckets, spray bottles, scrub brush, rags, steam mop, and clothes steamers. You can buy your favorite brand for cleaners solutions or use baking soda, vinegar, or salt. 

  • Easy-to-follow steps 

The routine that you can follow is easy, first move all the furniture and stuff located on the carpet surfaces, start vacuuming all the places; when you believe it is properly vacuumed, you can start using a lint roller or scrub brush to quit all the crumbs left on the carpets. Then use a steam mop to remove possible remaining hair. 

To conclude, use the spray bottles to spray either baking soda, vinegar, or salt with water. Any of these solutions can erase any possible stain left. After an hour, you can vacuum again, and you will get your carpet cleaning results. A quick reminder is to not let soil particles remain for long periods, or you will get an awful appearance and odor. 

Deep Cleaning Your Carpet Two or Three Times Per Year

It is necessary to deep clean your carpets, even though you clean them once per week; why? Well, because a deep-cleaning procedure restores the buoyancy of the fibers, brightens the color, and removes heavy soil. 

There are different options to complete deep cleaning on your carpets, and those are: 

  • One option is to buy and utilize different proper types of detergent and spray them on the carpets. After that, you have to steam all the carpet surfaces. This deep method can remove all unwanted particles of dust and stains. 
  • Baking soda, white vinegar, and salt can also help to deep clean your carpets. You have to create the mix of your preference, put it into a spray bottle and spray all your carpet after you vacuum it. But, you have to let the mix do its job for 1 or 2 hours; after that, you will have to wipe, dry, and vacuum.
  • Some people go beyond and rent or buy heavy-duty steam that makes the cleaning process easier and requires a carpet shampoo. Then you pass it through all the carpet, and done; you have a renewed carpet. Sadly, those machines tend to be expensive. 

After reading all the processes you have to follow to get a clean carpet, you probably think there is another easier way because you might not want to buy equipment and spend time performing the job with the fear of doing it wrong and damaging your carpets. Do not worry! There is another option that will save you money and time when carpet cleaning in Madison, WI.! 

The Best Way to Clean Your Carpets, Hiring Skyline Clean!

It does not matter the size, the color, the stains, or the accumulated dust; our carpet cleaning services in Madison, WI, will renovate all the carpets available in your home without any problem. You will look at your carpets, and you won’t recognize them. 

At Skyline Clean, we are a team of professionals dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, understanding clients’ needs, and wants to exceed their expectations. Even if it is just a coffee stain or a huge mess, we got you covered; give us a chance, we will be there every time you need us! 


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