How To Properly Clean Your Inside And Outside Windows

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How To Properly Clean Your Inside And Outside Windows

People believe that cleaning windows means only robbing them with a microfiber cloth from the inside part of the house. They tend to get angry when they still look dirty and blurred. The fact is the windows constantly need inside and outside window cleaning. Logically, the outside part is the most essential because it is exposed to moisture and dust. 

Even though both window sides are equal, it does not mean that the cleaning and difficulty levels are the same. Therefore, you have to understand the differences between inside and outside window cleaning before starting. Continue reading to learn more.  

All You Have to Know to Clean Your Inside Windows

Cleaning your inside windows is easier than cleaning outside windows. You might reach them easily because of the flat surfaces of the walls; you can put a ladder on the flat surface to reach high windows. Also, furniture can be close, and you can assure the ladder to them for safety. 

You can use window cleaning solutions available in supermarkets for inside windows or prepare homemade solutions. Some people opt to create cleaning solutions because those can lead to better results. Some of those are made of water with vinegar or baking soda. These substances remove dust and moisture easily. 

  1. You have to take care of your furniture, so locate a big microfiber towel under the windows; it will catch all the moisture and dust that will fall when cleaning. 
  2. Place the ladder (if needed) under the window where you will reach all window surfaces. 
  3. Pick a bucket with water and dish soap. 
  4. Sink a sponge on the bucket and start cleaning the window from the top. 
  5. Make sure you remove all the possible stains, dust, and moisture. 
  6. Get the bottle spray with vinegar and spray all the window surfaces. 
  7. Let the vinegar rest and remove the remaining stains. 
  8. Get a lint-free towel and start cleaning again. 
  9. Let your window dry and ready! 

Having all this in mind, you have to consider that outside windows are tricky and all the way around, especially window cleaning in Madison, WI. Keep reading! 

Outside Window Cleaning? Here’s What You Have to Know! 

Outside windows are harder to reach than inside windows due to the outside infrastructure of the house. Outside windows get dirty easily due to exposure to exterior moisture such as dry leaves, animal droppings, dust, and much more. However, there is a procedure that you can follow to get rid of the dirtiness of your windows! 

  1. Close all the windows. 
  2. Use a hose (at a proper level) to wet all the windows and remove dust and stains.
  3. After, use a ladder and go window by window using a sponge with soap through all the window’s surface. 
  4. Afterward, wet all the windows again to get rid of the soap. 
  5. Use the ladder again, and this time, spray all the windows with a vinegar cleaning solution.
  6. After 30 minutes, use a squeegee to remove all the possible remaining stains. 
  7. You have to get all your windows wet again.
  8. Use the microfiber cloth to dry every window and guarantee the expected results. 

Cleaning outside windows is boring and redundant, but you have to follow every space to a fully transparent look for your windows. It is aesthetically pleasing to see outside the house clearly, and it just happens if you have your outside windows clean. Nevertheless, there is a better solution for both windows sides, and it is stated as follows. 

Do Not Miss The Beauty of The Sky With Skyline Clean by Your Side! 

We are a window cleaning company located in Madison, WI; we are specialized, certified, and insured to offer the best cleaning services. Among our plenty of services, we deliver the best inside and outside window cleaning service. We have the equipment and experience necessary to fulfill all your expectations within your window appearance. 

We understand how difficult it is to clean the windows constantly and lose time from your day-to-day; that is why we maintain and recover all your windows if you give us a chance. With our services your windows will shine and sparkle your house’s curb appeal. Do not wait for more; we are ready to provide you with the best inside and outside window cleaning service! 


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