Tips And Tricks To Window Cleaning At Home

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Tips And Tricks To Window Cleaning At Home

A new window’s appearance is something you would like to maintain forever. Understandably, windows get dirty, and people try to clean them by themselves. Nevertheless, sometimes people might not know what to do. Windows are fragile, and they need special maintenance. To help you perform a better cleaning process, learn these interesting window cleaning tips. 

Window Cleaning Tools & Equipment 

You might believe that for cleaning windows, all the processes are as equal as cleaning other spaces. However, you should take care of the equipment you use to clean your windows, keep reading and understand some window cleaning tips of what you have and do not have to use. 

  • Rags

People tend to use pieces of rags to clean most spaces. When cleaning with rags, it is better to take precautions when using them to clean the windows because those can lead to more streaks. That is why it is preferable to use a soft, lint-free wipe that will not leave any scrap while cleaning. A microfiber cloth will guarantee there is no lint in any space. 

It is necessary that when using a cloth, you move your hands in different directions; it will avoid streaks on your windows’ surfaces. However, if you still see streaks after cleaning, you can add clear water and remove the streaks with the cloth. 

  • Squeegees 

On another hand, instead of rags, the best solution is to use a professional ten or 12-in squeegee. Unfortunately, squeegees are not common equipment in your house, which means that you will have to buy a high-quality one which can be expensive. Also, you will have to learn to use them because they tend to be tricky for beginners. 

Afterward, you have to consider that you have to use proper cleaning solutions with a rag or a squeegee, and some window cleaning solution tips are: 

Windows Cleaning Solutions 

There are two options, whether you buy a cleaner with a high-quality reputation or make a cleaning solution with vinegar and water. Vinegar contains acid properties that easily remove streaks. You will have to dust all the window surfaces, spray the solution and start cleaning with a lint-free microfiber cloth. 

When using cleaners, you have to consider that ammonia and alcohol are not allowed. Most people believe that using them is the best and fastest solution to remove dust and dirtiness. However, instead, they leave streaks on the surfaces, which attract moisture and dust. Instead of alcohol, put acetone on a rubbing cloth and then clean the surface with it. 

Blackboard Eraser Trick 

After trying the best tools and cleaning solutions and still watching streaks on your windows, you can use a weird but functional method to clean them with a blackboard eraser. Rubbing the eraser through your window will instantly remove any streaks located on the surface and remove all lint and dust residue. 

Do not put yourself at risk. When cleaning your windows yourself, you have to follow the next precautions to avoid unfortunate circumstances. You will be ready to perform the job safely if you understand the risks. 

High Windows Precautions

You have to consider the size of your windows to start with the procedure. In the case of window walls or second-floor windows, you will need to take extreme precautions to avoid accidents. You will need a proper ladder that supports your weight and has space to locate the equipment. 

It is important to consider that you have to take care of your movements because your feet unconsciously will want to follow them and make you fall when moving your hands. Also, do not put pressure with your hands on the squeegee because you can break the glass, ending in a tragic event. 

Do Not Put Yourself at Risk, Hire Window Cleaning Professionals in Madison, WI! 

At Skyline Clean, we have the best products and time-tested methods to clean all types of windows and eliminate streaks and dust. Our team of professionals is ready and insured to get to the highest windows cleaning in Madison, WI! Do not miss the beauty of the sky due to a dirty window; better call us to get the best of a shiny and transparent view. 


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