Vacuums, Brooms, Steamers – Floor Care Tips

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Vacuums, Brooms, Steamers – Floor Care Tips

The part of a house that constantly gets dirty due to dust and moisture arises from foot traffic or pets (if any). However, some tools and procedures might help your floor clean and get the expected results. Keep reading and understand how to clean the most common types of floors: 

Carpeted Floors

Having your floor entirely covered with carpets adds comfort and warmth to every place of your house. However, carpets are one of the most difficult surfaces to clean because of how easily they can get dirt and stick moisture and dust. Nevertheless, here’s what you can do: 

First, make sure you have the proper equipment such as a vacuum, microfiber cloth, a bucket, scrub brushes, rags, steam mop, a cloth steamer, and a spray bottle with the proper cleaning solutions. 

  • Steps to follow: 
  1. Remove furniture and items from the carpet.
  2. Start turning on the vacuum and setting the proper height. 
  3. Vacuum slow and several times the major foot traffic areas.
  4. After that, use the lint roller to get rid of the crumbs 
  5. Use the steamer mop to collect hair 
  6. Spray baking soda and let it absorb stains for an hour, and vacuum again. 

You have read the most common way to clean your carpets; however, if you do not have one or if you want to remove it and clean the floor itself, discover the other types of cleaning procedures.  

Concrete Floors 

The most common type of floor, even if you do not have it all over your house, you might have it on your deck or garage. This type of floor needs constant cleaning to guarantee its durability and good appearance. Its cleaning procedure is easy but tiring if you want exceptional results. 

Here, you have to fill a bucket with concrete cleaner and dissolve it in water.

Then, you have to dust and vacuum all the surfaces simultaneously; afterward, you have to put water on your mop to methodically mop all the floor; if the water starts to get dirty, you will have to replace it to continue. You will end by drying all the space with a dry mop. Consider that you have to buff with a professional buffer to maintain your concrete floors shining. 

Hardwood Floors

Consider that wood needs more attention than other floor types because it is more susceptible to damage and to arise dust. The first thing you have to do is to figure out if your wood is sealed or unsealed. Unsealed wood floors do not have a waterproof varnish cover that sealed floor wood possesses; it means that the cleaning method won’t be the same. 

You can clean your sealed hardwood floor with a proper cleaner, water, and a mop. The process might be similar to the way you clean concrete floors; the only difference is that you might follow the design of the wood when mopping. On the other hand, unsealed hardwood floors use less water, and you have to go mopping and drying simultaneously to avoid damage. 

Tile Ceramic Floors

The fanciest type of floor, and the most fragile as well. When cleaning ceramic tile floors, you take the risk of dulling and scratching the surfaces. However, you have to oversee every step and slowly proceed to not harm the ceramic design. 

First, you have to vacuum, then mix hot water and detergent on a bucket to later apply it to a chamois mop. You can start mopping and washing the mop every time you see that it is getting dirty. To conclude, you can let the floor dry, and if you see that there are places that might need more cleaning, you can do it with a microfiber cloth, vinegar, and water. 

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